Take a Hike

No, I’m not rudely telling you to leave (I really appreciate you being here and reading my ramblings!).  I’m simply passing on the advice my boss gave me on Thursday.  After completing the day’s one and only field assignment, she recommended I check out the adjacent trail, bless her heart.  You know, because I should know what we’re talking about when discussing the trails we manage.  Or she just knows how much I abhor sitting in a cubicle all day.  Either way, I’ll take it!

This little gem was only 45 minutes from home!  I guarantee, no matter where you live there’s a hike to be had near you.  Now when I picture hikes, I think of mountains and forests.  But no siree!  Check out this prairie.  (Taken with my phone on the go, no editing needed).


Don’t you feel relaxed just looking at it?  The light breeze tickled the grass and tugged my hair from its braid.  The only reminder of civilization was the occasional glimpse of the gravel road as the trail snaked through the gentle hills.  The only sound was the crunch of my shoes, the whisper of grass, and the occasional call of birds.  Peace filled me and I was able to return to work with my regular optimism, the grumbles of another day at the office far behind.  Ah, the power of a simple, short walk!

And so I say to you: Take a Hike!  You don’t have to go to exotic places to get your daily dose of contentment and adventure.  Explore your city, state, country!  Get out and experience the beauty right under your nose.


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