The Best Days End with a New Color of Dirt

The best days end with a new color of dirt coating my hiking boots.  At this point, tying the laces involves holding your breath as months of dust pillow back up to you with each pull.  But hey, that’s what they’re for, right?  I’m far happier with a pair of shoes that are solely meant to get dirty than with trying to keep my shoes clean.

So, hiking boots!  Probably the best investment I’ve made in quite some time.  After doing some online research and trying some boots on in the store, I finally settled on these Merrell’s.  I chose Merrells because they’re about in the middle price-wise and offer a wide variety of options.  I was also looking for something that would be waterproof and offer ample ankle support.  These do the trick fabulously!

Some boot shopping advice: try them on in a store with the socks you would usually wear.  Even if you’re planning to order them online to save some money, you need your boots to fit well!  I’d also recommend getting your boots a size larger than your every day shoes.  The extra space allows for cushiony socks and prevents your toes from being squished when hiking up or down hill.

A bonus of new hiking boots is new hiking socks to go with them!  Personally, I like SmartWool socks best for long hikes.  They come in a variety of styles, sizes, and amount of cushion so you can usually find exactly what you’re looking for.  Even though they can be a bit expensive, if you hang them up to dry they’ll last for years!  I’d also recommend getting a liner kinda like this one, especially if you’re planning some longer trips.  They prevent friction in places like the back of the ankle and toes where blisters are likely to form and keep your socks fresh longer.  I’ve been told you can get through a week-long trip and only bring three pairs of hiking socks if you have two liners to go with them! Plus they’re soft and comfy!

Hikes are pretty great, but they’re even better with shoes and socks that will help you keep going for miles.


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