Comfort Zones

As I sit at my computer enjoying Bunny Tracks ice cream and my favorite TV show, I realize how comfortable my daily life is.  If I’m hungry, the pantry is full.  If I’m thirsty, a glass of water isn’t too far away.  But I realized something else: some of my best memories happened when I was unbelievably uncomfortable.  Hikes can be exhausting, driving all day to reach your destination gets tiring, plane schedules get pulled in all directions and something always goes wrong with the schedule you worked on for hours before departing.  But in those moments of discomfort, you learn things about yourself.  You learn that the view at the end of the trail is worth the three hours it took to get there.  That your plane being delayed gave you an extra few hours in a city you now love.

What I’m trying to say is take those adventures when they’re handed to you.  Don’t be afraid to leave the comfort of your home for the discomfort of a new country, city, state.  You never know when you’ll have that opportunity again and you might be surprised what you’ll learn about yourself.


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